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High quality CBD (Hemp) products  grown using organic farm practices for  ultimate health and well-being. Mother Earth's medicine.


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Cheri Myron

Store Manager

Welcome to Native American Enterprises, a CBD (Cannabidiol) Health & Wellness company. Our CBD products are all made in the USA and are made with the highest degree of integrity, testing and compliance to ensure our CBD products are the best on the market and more importantly, the best for your overall health and wellness.

I’m Cheri Myron, CEO of Native American Enterprises (NAE) as a member of the Coeur d’Alene tribe in Idaho I have always been taught about the power of natural medicine from plants that Mother Nature provides. Hemp is one of those amazing plants!

As a Native American and chapter coordinator for the American Indian Chamber of Commerce of CA, I spend much of my time educating people about my Native American community. Now with the emergence of this beautiful, powerful plant I am so excited to share all the healing properties that are inside this plant and why you may want to consider including it in your health and well-being regime.

As a strong believer in alternative medicine for many issues we face today such as SLEEP, STRESS, ANXIETY, PAIN/CHRONIC PAIN, and other ailments , Trust Mother Nature! I am proud to introduce you to Monday Naturals CBD, we carry a full line of premium CBD products that are grown using organic farm practices, 3rd party tested throughout the process, properly extracted, and made in the USA.

Monday Naturals CBD is pure, high quality CBD rich in phytocannabinoids that speak to our Endocannabinoid system. We carry a variety of CBD products from edibles, oil, topicals, and health and beauty. If you’re experiencing pain, anxiety, auto-immune conditions, or inflammation issues you are in the right place. I look forward to you being on the healthiest path to help with any of these ailments.

Many blessings for the healthiest mind, body and soul from the power of CBD!

Welcome to Native American Enterprises website featuring our quality Monday Natural CBD Products


CBD (Cannabidiol) is one of over 114 compounds or cannabinoids found in hemp plants. It is non- toxicating which makes it helpful from children to our elders.

These cannabinoid receptors have the ability to interact with our Endocannabinoid System (ECS) CBD cannabinoids also known as phytocannabinoids bind with our ECS which helps regulate certain vital functions in our body including inflammation, immune, anxiety, pain, sleep and other things.

When our important Endocannabinoid System is in sync, the body is able to achieve what is called, homeostasis, which is our optimal human performance.

Even though hemp products are legal and widely used in the US and our CBD is derived from hemp, many payment processors (such as PayPal, Square, Stripe, Amazon Payments...) do not currently allow transactions for CBD products.

Please place your orders here; we'll get back to you for payment over the phone. Or call me at (949) 393-8960 to place your order.